Here at Eh Acoustics we provide acoustic consultancy, measurement, design and installation for spaces of any kind. Ranging from the early stages of planning and designing new or existing spaces to helping to correct acoustical problems in existing rooms.

Typical projects include:

Measuring, designing and installing acoustic treatment to church halls to control the reverberation and noise levels improving both the clarity of speech and music, and the comfort of users due to lower noise levels when the room is busy.

Consultancy and design on the construction of rooms for the conversion of an old church hall into a state of the art recording studio.

Measurement, design and installation of acoustic treatment designed to blend in perfectly in a home hifi room, correcting room acoustical problems and letting the hifi sound as good as it really should.

If you are having acoustic problems – too much noise, lack of speech audibility or you suspect that your sound system should sound much better than it does then get in touch to see what we can do to help.